Where can I purchase Singapore Grand Prix masks? 
The Singapore Grand Prix masks are only available from our online shop at shop.singaporegp.sg for a limited period and while stocks last. 
Where can I purchase Lushington Entertainments merchandise? 
You can only order from our online shop ashop.lushington.com for a limited period and while stocks last. 
Will I receive an order confirmation for my online purchase? 
You will receive an automated email confirmation upon successful payment of your order. 
What if I do not receive an email confirmation after successful payment of order? 
If you do not receive an email confirmation for your order, please contact us here or email to Sgp.lush@singaporegp.sg.


Singapore Grand Prix Masks: For orders of 30 masks or more, bulk or corporate orders - please contact us at Sgp.lush@singaporegp.sg

Lushington Entertainments Merchandise: For orders of more than 5 items, canvas prints, bulk or corporate orders – please contact us at Sgp.lush@singaporegp.sg  


Are the products I ordered always deliverable? 
Your order will be confirmed only upon successful receipt of payment. However, in the instance should any item become unavailable, we will notify you.  


Can I cancel or make changes to my order if it has not been shipped yet? 
Your order will be processed immediately upon successful payment, hence we will not be able to cancel or make changes to your order once payment has been received 
Why is my order cancelled even though I have received a successful ordeconfirmation email? 
Your order may have been cancelled for reasons related to stock availability, payment or delivery address. If your order (or part of your order) is cancelled, we will contact you via your email address.  


Can my delivery address be different from my billing address?  
Yes, your delivery address can be different from your billing address. 

Do you ship worldwide? 
Yes, we ship worldwide 

What are the delivery and shipping charges? 
Local Postal Service:
FREE for standard (non-trackable) delivery service
S$3.00 for registered (trackable) delivery service 

International Postal Service: 
Click here for approximate rates 

Will I receive a delivery/shipping notification email? 
You will receive a notification email with your order tracking information only if you have opted for trackable delivery service. We will send this information once we receive it from the postal service.  

Is my order’s delivery/shipping trackable? 
Yes, your order is trackable only if you opt and pay for trackable delivery service. However, please note that once the parcel arrives in the destination country, tracking will be based on your local postal delivery service. Please contact your local postal service for further information.  

What is the delivery time for my order?
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, please note that there may be delays for all global shipments leaving Singapore. Whilst we will try our best to pack and send out your orders as soon as possible, please bear with us should there be unexpected delays in the delivery of your orders.  

Local Singapore delivery service: 1 - 2 weeks 
International delivery service: 4 – 6 weeks  

Can I change the scheduled delivery date? 
Unfortunately, we are unable to re-schedule delivery dates. You may try checking with your local post office (if you’ve opted for the trackable delivery service) to re-arrange delivery. 

Do I have to pay customs or import duties for my orders? 
Yes, all customs or import duties must be borne by the recipient.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) chargeable at 7% will be charged on all Singapore orders and this will be calculated at the checkout page.

Unfortunately, for international orders, we have no control over customs or import duties and cannot advise what the cost may be as customs’ policies vary widely from country to country. We advise that you contact your local customs office for further information.

Why is my postage stamp cost different from the shipping costs I have paid for?
The shipping costs include administrative costs, fulfilment and logistic service fees, hence the difference in costs seen on the postage stamps and shipping costs payable.

What do I do if my order is not delivered as scheduled? 

If your order is not delivered as scheduled, please contact us here or email to Sgp.lush@singaporegp.sg.

Can I have my order delivered to PO Boxes? 
Please note that we do not deliver products to PO Box addresses. 


Can I choose to collect my order and where? 
Unfortunately, at this point we are not offering any self-collection. 


What form of payment method do you offer? 
We accept all modes of payment which include payment via credit cards, Google Pay and Shop Pay.  

Is there a minimum order value? 
No, there is no minimum order value and no surcharge for small orders. 


For online store assistance, order delivery & shipping enquiries, please contact us here or email to Sgp.lush@singaporegp.sg.